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1.23.20 – SIW –

Properly preserving video and its associated metadata is essential when it comes addressing liability concerns

One of the most important jobs of the security personnel of any organization is to select, install and manage the products that will deliver on the promise of creating a safer, more secure environment. This goal begins with the solutions that are deployed on site – access control, surveillance, etc. – but it does not end there. In a world of data, all of these systems create a wealth of information that is fundamental to identifying and convicting criminals so that the threat they represent is mitigated.

To that end, whenever there is an incident of any kind on your premises, it is your responsibility to provide law enforcement with any evidence that is relevant, including among other items video with its associated metadata. While the video itself is crucial to understanding the unfolding of events in perspective, the metadata is equally important for the critical intelligence it delivers to law enforcement.

Surveillance metadata contains a wide variety of information relating to the video itself. This may include time and date stamps, location, and any analytics content such as a license plate identified by LPR technology or the identity of an individual verified by facial recognition software.

Beyond its ability to aid in solving crimes, your surveillance video and metadata can be a vital piece of information when it comes to liability – both your organization’s and your own – in civil lawsuits.

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