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NESA Accredited Training

NESA has accredited training in several states. Visit their web sites for information on courses, schedules and locations.

NESA Approved CEUS

 NESA CEU Policy

  • NESA should maintain a list of approved courses on the members only section of the web site
  • The listing will include
    • Course name
    • Course Author
    • Course Author’s company
    • Course Author’s Address
    • Course Author’s Phone
    • Course Author’s email
    • Course Summary
    • Course Hours
    • Course Objectives or Outcomes
    • Course Audience- Technicians, Salespeople, Owners
  • Course authors will submit and electronic copy of the course and the listing information to the NESA office
  • Course authors will pay a non refundable fee of $50 per course hour to have the course reviewed.
  • A list of NESA designated Reviewers will be assembled from people recommended by the NESA board members, alternate or training coordinators from member states.
  • NESA office will notify reviewers when a course is submitted. Reviews will be assigned to first reviewer that responds.
  • Reviewers will notify NESA office if the course is appropriate for the specified audience, is consistent with the summary, covers the objectives or outcomes and can be covered in the specified time.
  • Members States can review the courses and decide on a case by case basis how to use or not use each course.
  • CEU credits will be assigned based on 1 credit per classroom hour (50 minutes class time with 10 minute break).
  • States have the responsibility to approve and review course instructors.
  • NESA will not maintain a list of students or classes taken by students.
  • NESA leaders will have the opportunity to post comments about the course with the listing and to request that the listing be revoked by the NESA Training Committee

Program Accreditation

The NESA Training Committee will award accreditation to state associations that are members of the alliance who apply for the accreditation and agree to run their programs according to the standards adopted by NESA.

Accreditation Standard


  • Agree to establish procedures to recognize completion of equivalent courses toward issuing certifications where appropriate and permitted by licensing requirements.
  • Agree to maintain privacy and confidentiality of student records.


  • Courses should be geared to job requirements.
  • Courses should be reviewed by subject matter experts.
  • Courses should be reviewed by the NESA committee to ensure that they are:
  • Up to date with current technology and standards.
    • Presented in professional manner.
    • Technically correct.
    • Relevant to job requirements.
  • Courses should be resubmitted to NESA whenever a change in the content is made.


  • Will demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter through testing or credentials.
  • Will demonstrate ability to teach under direct observations, credentials or certification.
  • Will demonstrate knowledge of the course to be taught through completion of the course, testing or acknowledgment of review of the material.


NESA Instructor Information (Instructors Only)