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What is NESA?The National Electronic Security Alliance is a federation of state associations established to serve and promote the electronic systems industry at the direction of, and through its affiliated state associations.
Who Has Been Involved In Creating NESA?The following states have joined NESA: Arkansas Security Alarm Association (ASAA), Kansas Electronic Security Association (KESA), Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (MDBFAA, Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (OKBFAA), Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA), Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association & Mississippi Security Association. Other states are in the process of presenting the option to membership or board meetings.
How is NESA different from other associations?No other association is designed to do what NESA is designed to do. NESA was created for two central purposes; to monitor and influence federal legislation and regulation and to facilitate the exchange of information between state associations.
NESA exists to serve the state associations and to help them serve their members.
Knowledge of what worked and did not work at other associations has been applied to design NESA to avoid the structural problems that have raised challenges in the past.
NESA is structured to serve the state association. This avoids inserting NESA in between the state association and it’s members.
NESA is structured to focus on the common needs while allowing subgroups of states to caucus to address mutual needs that are not common to everyone.
In NESA, the officers have no power to create new policy or expend funds without board approval.
In NESA, task forces are created by the board from time to time to deal with specific issues.
What Value Does NESA Bring To The Dealers And Associates?Networking and information sharing is a prime value of NESA. Each state association has to face and tackle the same challenges your association faces. No one is a better source of help than your peers. Your association will grow and improve if you apply what works in other successful associations.
Leadership training will be provided at NESA meetings to help your state leaders run the association better.
The ability to monitor and influence federal legislation and regulation. We need collaboration and coordinated efforts with other state associations to represent our industry at a national level.
NESA helps keep your members up with the latest codes and standards and will allow industry leaders to mobilize to influence the codes and standards process.
Individual state members gain credibility and exposure as a member of a National Association. Each day consumers search the web looking for products and services. Our NESA web site listings will provide your members with national exposure that can only enhance their marketing efforts.
Consolidated effort on member services. All dealers use the same services regardless of the state. NESA can identify insurance providers, uniform companies, etc. and allow the states to expand the member services offered.
How is NESA Funded?States pay a fee of $50 per regular and associate member to cover the common costs and pay a-la-carte for the optional services they choose to implement.
How is NESA Governed?NESA is governed by a board of one representative from each state association that chooses to belong. All officers are elected from and by the board.
When and Where Does NESA Meet and What Happens At the Meetings?NESA meets s twice a year at state trade shows or in conjunction with public safety associations. Meetings conduct alliance business and provide training and information exchange to help state leaders improve their associations.  Presentations and discussions on topics including recruiting members, conducting trade shows and effective lobbying are given.
What Are the A-La-Carte Services?NESA will not compete with the state associations. NESA will not offer services that compete with a state's own programs or compete for income from those programs. NESA helps states that request help to develop and implement their own programs including: Training, Newsletters, Marketing and PR tools and Member Services.
Can An Individual Company Join NESA?No. NESA is structured to serve the state association. NESA is designed to serve the states and does not have the expense of billing or communicating with thousands of individual members.