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3.3.21 – SSI

Brivo’s 2021 Smart Security Trends Report explores security impacts from COVID-19, as well as technology, Cloud and data utilization trends shaping the landscape.

The survey, fielded from November 2020 to January 2021 of more than 500 U.S.-based physical security and facility management professionals, explored the physical security impacts from COVID-19, specifically the challenges facing organizations as they look to reopen their doors.

In the report, 75% of respondents said the COVID pandemic increased the importance of physical security in their organizations. Additionally, 60% of respondents said they either see a need for immediate Cloud-based technology upgrades or are considering it in the near future.

Looking ahead, the survey found that technology integrations are a key area of focus for businesses in 2021. Sixty-one percent of respondents agreed that integration was the most important goal for them this year.

An additional 26% indicated that it is imperative to have technology that will assist in enforcing contact tracing, social distancing and healthy building compliance requirements. These trends will likely continue as more organizations prepare to bring employees, customers and students back to work and school in 2021, according to the company.

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