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Image Credits: Amazon/Ring

1.5.22 – Tech Crunch

Amazon-owned Ring’s home security ecosystem got another key piece of the puzzle this week at CES. The new Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is designed to detect the sound of breaking glass up to 25 feet away, sending a notification to the app, so the user can act accordingly.

It also can be set to trigger a siren or alert Ring’s home monitoring service, if you’ve got a premium account. You’ll obviously want to tweak accordingly, and maybe flip it off during your annual holiday rewatch of Die Hard. The product joins a handful of other sensors from Ring, including contact sensors and motion detectors, designed to add ears to the camera eyes.

The feature follows Amazon’s introduction of Alexa Guard, which makes it possible for Echo devices to detect sounds like glass breaking and smoke alarms going off. That feature was included on Amazon’s Echo Show 15 device announced last year.

The Ring Glass Alarm goes up for preorder starting today at $40. It starts shipping February 16, so you can give the gift of breaking glass alerts just in time for a slightly late Valentine’s Day. It’s designed to be installed on doors, mounted to a wall or say atop furniture near a glass window. Amazon also announced additional roll outs for Fire TV at CES today.