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11.6.20 – Locksmith Ledger

As touch-free access and entry to buildings becomes the standard for businesses to remain open and promote a safe, healthy environment, dormakaba continues to innovate technologies to minimize touchpoints. The new dormakaba RCI 912 Series wireless, battery-powered actuators use proven infrared motion-detection technology to ensure consistent, dependable touch-free activation. In addition, the RCI 912 Series can be adjusted to comply with ANSI knowing-act applications.

Available in three models, the 912 Series detects moving objects, such as hands, reflective objects, carts, wheelchairs or gurneys. It’s ideal for use in hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms, food-service facilities and other applications that require hygienic, touch-free activation.

“The new dormakaba RCI 912 Series is ideal for swing doors, sliding doors and glass, stone or marble surfaces,” says Murray Lewin, senior product manager, dormakaba. “It’s a truly versatile touch-free solution using superior technology.”


  • Innovative Design – uses infrared motion-detection technology
  • Touch-free Activation – use with hand or reflective object to trigger clean, hygienic activation
  • Fast and Easy Installation – simply connect the receiver inside the electronic door operator and fasten (or even adhere) the unit to the wall
  • Field Adjustable – can be adjusted to comply with ANSI applications with selectable activation and timing outputs
  • Quiet Operation – silent activation is ideal for use in hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments
  • Strong Signal – 2.4-gigahertz transmitter and receiver provide strong signal (100 ft.)
  • Low Power Consumption – promotes longer battery life; FCC, CE certified

More info: www.dormakaba.com