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12.27.20 – APR

The Christmas Day explosion in downtown Nashville has caused a ripple effect as far south as Birmingham, Alabama. The blast, being investigated as a deliberate act by the FBI and ATF, occurred in front of a AT & T facility. The T-Mobile cell service company said on Twitter that service disruptions include Alabama, Louisville, Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta. The message went on to say that “restoration efforts continue around the clock & we will keep you updated on progress.”

Police emergency 9-1-1 services in Madison County, Alabama were also reportedly impacted by outages. There are also reports that North Alabama Walmart stores were reduced to “cash only” and no return operations following the detonation, during what was expected to be a busy time following Christmas day gift giving.

Federal agents converged yesterday on the Nashville area home of a possible person of interest in the incident. Investigators are scouring hundreds of tips and leads in the blast that damaged dozens of buildings on Christmas morning. A motive remains elusive as investigators worked round-the-clock to resolve unanswered questions about a recreational vehicle that blew up on a mostly deserted downtown Nashville street. The blast was preceded by a recorded warning for anyone nearby to evacuate.