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East Metro Area Crime Center unveiled, used for intelligence-led …
5.25.19 – Alabama’s News Leader-

In East Alabama law enforcement are using new methods to fight crime. Technology is a key component.

Twenty-three local, state, and federal agencies will be using the newly unveiled East Metro Area Crime Center.

Inside the center, agencies will be using what they call predictive or intelligence-led policing.

It’s a way to try to head off crime before it happens.

They will also offer banks to set up live feeds to the center.

In the event there an alarm is set off at a bank, officer who are responding will be able to have live information about what’s going on.

Today, was the ribbon cutting for the event.

It’s been operational to some extent and it’s already made a difference.

“This facility in a smaller scale over the last nine months has helped decrease crime by 17 and a half percent,” Chief Bill Partridge of the Oxford Police Department. “That’s because all of the agencies working together, under one roof and being able to share that intelligence. Crime doesn’t know jurisdictional boundaries.”

There will be a full-time video staff to watch remote camera feeds at the East Metro Area Crime Center.