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January 19, 2015

Public Safety Updates

  • CT: Cops: Register your home alarm system
    1.13.15 – Darien Times – Home alarm system registration is free and can be completed on the Darien police … The site also features information on how to prevent false alarms with your … More Info
  • ID: Twin Falls Police Issue Suggestions To Business Owners Following …
    1.15.15 – KMVT – If you have a silent alarm and can reach it without being noticed, use it. Otherwise, wait until the robber leaves. – Be careful, most robbers are just as nervous as … More Info
  • IN: Carbon monoxide alarms mandatory for some new homes
    1.13.15 – Shelbynews – The International Residential Code also requires existing homes meeting those criteria to install a carbon monoxide alarm when a permit is required for work on … More Info
  • MA: Stoneham Police Hoping to Reduce Number of False Burglar Alarms
    1.16.15 -Patch.com – One of the frequent calls for service that the Stoneham Police Department responds to involves burglar alarm activations from homes and businesses. In most … More Info
  • NJ: Cranford Police upgrade alarm monitoring system
    1.15.15 – NJ.com – Included in the new alarm monitoring system are two modern Bosch alarm signal receivers and advanced security software that allows police dispatchers to … More Info
  • SK: Recent fires raising smoke alarm questions
    1.15.15 – Regina Leader-Post – REGINA — Recent fires in Regina causing death and serious damage have prompted questions about the rules and regulations surrounding smoke alarms … More Info
  • TX: La Vernia council reappoints planning, zoning members
    1.14.15 – Wilson County News – La Vernia police Chief Bruce Ritchey outlines issues the city experiences with false burglar alarms installed within the city limits to Mayor … More Info

Industry News

  • Eyewitness Surveillance helps secure car lots, but finds that next Chevy buyer, too
    1.12.15 – Washington Post – The 40-year-old MBAs instead bought, grew and now run a Maryland-based security company called Eyewitness Surveillance, whose 4,000 high-tech cameras, backed by analytics, sweep the grounds of auto dealerships and metal-recycling companies from here to Texas. More Info
  • CES 2015: The week in photos, without leaving your desk
    1.12.15 –ExtremeTech – This ten-year-old European alarm company MyFox, for example, might otherwise have been completely lost on the show floor among the dozens of home… More Info
  • Home Automation At CES 2015
    1.12.15 -Bidness ETC – There is also an alarm sensor to inform users when an installed home alarm happens to go off. Belkin has also come up with a more advanced motion detector. More Info
  • 10 CES Themes Likely to Resonate for Some Time
    1.13.15 – eWeek – The Consumer Electronics Show has become not only the place to find the latest computer, mobile entertainment and even business technology, it’s also a great place to find cool ideas and products. Now that this year’s show is history, there are several key high-level data points worth revisiting. Here are 10 lasting takeaways from CES for enterprises and consumers. More Info
  • Facial Recognition Comes to Security Cameras
    1.5.15 – NBC – The owners of Simplicam home-monitoring cameras will soon be able to set them up to recognize friendly faces—and to not send an alert when they do. More Info
  • 5 Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond
    1.12.15 – Commercial Integrator – Corporate customers will have questions, and integrators should have answers. More Info
  • Removal of 2G networks could cause alarm systems to fail
    1.13.15 – KIRO Seattle – The removal of 2G networks by companies like AT&T and Verizon may cause many wireless alarm systems to fail without warning. More Info
  • Apple HomeKit Smart Home Devices Unveiled at CES
    1.14.15 – EHDaily – Though Apple HomeKit hasn’t officially launched, there were plenty of smart devices at CES ready to connect to it. More Info
  • Panasonic Debuts 4 Home Monitoring Security Packages
    1.13.15 – EHDaily – These wireless Home Monitoring options allow you to remotely activate appliances, lights and devices, as well as peek in on pets. More Info
  • Netatmo Welcome Security Camera Can Recognize Loved Ones
    1.15.15 – Electronic House – The new security camera has face recognition and allows for viewing of real-time and past events. More Info
  • Rothman retires from Honeywell
    1.16.15 – Security Systems News – Melville, N.Y.—Honeywell announced today that Ron Rothman, who has been with Honeywell for 30 years, has retired. A new president was named and will start on Monday. More Info
  • SwannOne Could be Huge in DIY Home Automation with Pro Security Monitoring
    1.16.15 – CEPro – Swann, maker of hugely popular DIY surveillance products, could sell a ton of new SwannOne home automation systems, with professional security monitoring, through existing retail partners. More Info
  • Protecting your home from break-ins
    1.15.15 – WSYR- Many newer alarm systems run through the cellular network, using cell towers. That means if a burglar cuts your telephone lines, your alarm system will still be … More Info
  • Logitech opens its Harmony platform to connected-home product …
    1.15.15 – TechHive – … or if the thermostat can talk to the alarm system. Everything just needs to work. Open APIs like this, which let the developers deal with the plumbing, is the best … More Info
  • 5 Home Security Myths
    1.16.15 – BlogHer – Secondly, a burglar knows that your “blue collar neighborhood” probably isn’t replete with alarm systems, but rather, lots of doors with simple locks and lots of … More Info
  • NorthStar Alarm acquires assets from Vision Security
    1.17.15 – Daily Herald – NorthStar Alarm and its equity investors, The Beekman Group and The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., announced the acquisition of certain assets from Vision … More Info
  • Place CO alarms near entrances to bedrooms
    1.17.15 -Albuquerque Journal- DEAR BARRY: I keep hearing conflicting opinions about whether to install carbon monoxide alarms high or low. Some people say that CO is heavier than air … More Info
  • Contractor Reaches $5M Settlement Over Deadly Connecticut Christmas Day Fire
    1.14.15 – SSI – In a lawsuit filed by the father of three children killed in a 2011 house fire, the contractor was accused of not installing a smoke detection system during a renovation project. More Info
  • Central Security Group Acquires Allied Protective Systems
    1.14.15 – SSI -Allied Protective Systems President Johnnie Fletcher sells his company to CSG after serving the Oklahoma market for more than 30 years.  More Info

Legislative News

Bill Text Brief Description and Current Status
NELB00034Text Adopt the Carbon Monoxide Safety Act.
Status: 01/12/2015 : Introduced
History NELB00034Text
NYAB00995Text By Rosenthal (MS) | Add S52-a, Civ Rts, L Requires prior written notice upon hiring and once annually to all employees, informing them of the types of electronic monitoring which may occur.
Status: 01/08/2015 : referred to labor
History NYAB00995Text
NJAB04071Text Requires fire suppression and alarm systems in certain group homes. Companion bill: S1221.
Status: 1/12/2015 : Introduced, Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee
History NJAB04071Text
NJAB04073Text Requires installation of carbon monoxide detectors in certain structures; designated as “Korman and Park’s Law.” Companion bill: S2687.
Status: 1/12/2015 : Introduced, Referred to Assembly State and Local Government Committee
History NJAB04073Text
ILHB00152Text 105 ILCS 5/10-20.56 new 105 ILCS 5/34-18.49 new Amends the School Code. Provides that a school board shall require that each school building in the district be equipped with approved carbon monoxide alarms in accordance with the rules of the State Fire Marshal. Effective immediately.
Status: 1/14/2015 : House Filed with the Clerk by Rep. Kathleen Willis
History ILHB00152Text
NJAB04071Text Requires fire suppression and alarm systems in certain group homes. Companion bill: S1221.
Status: 1/12/2015 : Introduced, Referred to Assembly Human Services Committee
History NJAB04071Text
NJAB04073Text Requires installation of carbon monoxide detectors in certain structures; designated as “Korman and Park’s Law.” Companion bill: S2687.
Status: 1/12/2015 : Introduced, Referred to Assembly State and Local Government Committee
History NJAB04073Text
NYSB01618Text By LAVALLE | Add S411, amd S3602, Ed L Enacts the “school building carbon monoxide detectors act”; requires the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in elementary and secondary school buildings; authorizes the commissioner of education to annually prescribe a special cost allowance for such carbon monoxide detectors.
Status: 01/13/2015 : REFERRED TO EDUCATION
History NYSB01618Text


State & National News

  • Despite huge victories, Republicans face some obstacles
    1.12.15 – Stateline – Republicans now dominate statehouses to an extent not seen since the 1920s. But in even the reddest states, that won’t automatically mean lower taxes, spending cuts and a hard line against Medicaid expansion. More Info
  • ISPs, Lawmakers Sure to Oppose FCC Title II Net Neutrality Rules
    1.8.15 – eWeek – The Federal Communications Commission will vote on rules that will govern the activities of Internet service providers by imposing net neutrality rules under Title II of the Communications Act. – More Info
  • 2 FTC cases demonstrate the antitrust risk of association codes of ethics
    1.5.15 – Venable – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced consent orders on December 23, 2014 requiring the Professional Lighting and Sign Management Companies of America (PLASMA) and the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) to eliminate from their bylaws provisions that limited competition among each association’s members.  More Info
  • USGS: Fewer Large Earthquakes in 2014
    1.12.15 – OH&S – The number of large earthquakes in the United States fell to 12 in 2014 from 19 in 2013, although several moderate ones hit areas unaccustomed to them, including Oklahoma and Kansas, the U.S. Geological Survey announced Jan. 7. More Info
  • Private surveillance camera footage could be used by police under N.J. bill
    1.13.15 – The Washington Post – New Jersey lawmakers want outdoor surveillance camera owners to register with police in hopes of helping law enforcement better track down criminals. More Info
  • State of the Internet Report Sheds Light on Internet Trends, Attacks
    1.13.15 – eWeek – eWEEK highlights seven of the most intriguing findings in Akamai’s third-quarter 2104 State of the Internet report, including where attacks are coming from and where they are going. More Info
  • GovBeat: Fitch: The oil price decline will likely hit local Texas economies
    1.13.15 – Washington Post – Texas and many of its larger cities are well equipped to withstand lost oil revenues, but the months-long decline in oil prices could hit some local governments hard,… More Info
  • DHS Not Addressing Cyberthreats to Building Access Control Systems
    1.15.15 – SIA – Civil watchdogs are warning the Department of Homeland Security and the Government Services Agency about unaddressed risks posed to building access control systems at federal facilities.  More Info
  • How 2014 gave states a financial wake-up call
    1.15.15 – Governing – Are states more financially troubled today than they were a year ago? One analysis from the nonpartisan Federal Funds Information for States (FFIS), which monitors federal spending, appears to make that case. More Info

Business Tips

  • Mobile Devices Ratchet Up Security Risks
    1.9.15 – Baseline – Many of the problems companies face concerning mobile security are the result of lax governance and careless employees. Consequently, breaches and costs are on the rise. More Info
  • How To Properly Plan for Business Succession
    1.14.15 – Commercial Integrator – There’s not always a child to become the next leader of your company. How you pass the baton – and to whom it’s passed – can determine the success of the business for generations. More Info
  • 4 Ways to Connect to the Millennial Workforce
    1.9.15 – Commercial Integrator – The millennial generation is about to become the majority of the workforce. How do you keep millennial employees happy, productive and engaged? More Info
  • IT’s Dilemma: How to Deal With Wearables at Work
    1.12.15 – CIOInsight – Consumer interest in wearable devices is expected to grow in 2015 and will bring with it complications in the workplace. More Info

Fire News

  • AR: Burnt Toast Sets Off Fire Alarm in Kimpel
    1.13.15 -The Arkansas Traveler – Students inside Kimpel were instructed to go outside while the alarm sounded. Faculty waited inside by the second floor doors. Facilities Management was … More Info
  • AZ: Flagstaff man hospitalized after apartment fire
    1.12.15 – AZFamily – Though the apartment complex alarm system alerted neighbors, the batteries in the apartment smoke detectors were dead, the spokesman said. More Info
  • CA: Dash-cam video from house fire in Arcata, CA
    1.13.15 -STATter911 – “The resident was very fortunate in that she had a working smoke alarm that gave her early notification that there was a fire in her home,” says Jenny Williamson, … More Info
  • CA: Fresno family avoids tragedy with carbon monoxide detector
    1.18.15 – ABC30.com – Fresno firefighters say a carbon monoxide detector likely saved the lives of nine family members. The alarm woke up the family around 1 a.m. Saturday. More Info
  • DC: False alarm reported at Gallery Place Metro station
    1.15.15 – Washington Post – Metro officials said a false alarm rang inside the Gallery Place Metro station during the Thursday morning rush. Metro spokespeople said there wasn’t an … More Info
  • GA: Savannah man arrested for pulling fire alarm
    1.16.15 – WJCL News – Savannah, Ga. – Savannah Fire & Emergency Services (SFES) investigators have arrested a man for intentionally pulling a fire alarm at a southside … More Info
  • IL: Glen Ellyn board considers requiring fire alarm systems downtown
    1.14.15 – Suburban Life Publications – Glen Ellyn board considers requiring fire alarm systems downtown … that would require all buildings in a portion of downtown to install fire alarm systems. More Info
  • MD: Smoke alarms save lives at six separate home fires
    1.12.15 – Bay Net – In each incident, occupants were alerted of the potentially dangerous situations when their smoke alarms activated and afforded them the time needed to escape … More Info
  • NC: First On WITN: State closes down Holly Ridge assisted living center
    1.13.15 –WITN – Those included the facility’s fire alarm system not working, an alarm pull station at the front door had been taped to keep it closed, the sprinkler system … More Info
  • NJ: False fire alarm causes NJ Statehouse evacuation
    1.16.15 – WPVI-TV – State Police say a false fire alarm resulted in the evacuation of the New … The alarm sounded shortly before 9 a.m. as workers were coming into the building. More Info
  • UT: Smoke alarm, nearby crews credited with saving Ogden home
    1.13.15 -Salt Lake Tribune – A smoke alarm, quick-acting homeowners and the close proximity of firefighters are being credited with keeping a fast-moving blaze contained to an Ogden … More Info
  • WA: Carbon monoxide alarm helps Kennewick family escape house
    1.15.15 – Mid Columbia Tri City Herald – Four people in the house were treated at the hospital for carbon monoxide exposure after they called authorities to report their carbon monoxide alarm was … More Info
  • WV: Updated: United Bank building closed Wednesday for testing of …
    1.13.15 – Beckley Register-Herald – People wait outside of United Bank as the fire department inspects the carbon monoxide alarm Monday. More Info

Crime News

  • AB: Edmonton’s Roxy Theatre goes up in flames
    1.13.15 -Globalnews.ca – At 3:51 a.m fire crews were called by the building’s alarm company to the iconic theatre. They arrived four minutes later to find … More Info
  • AL: Dothan police charge teen in armed store robbery
    1.12.15 – Dothan Eagle – The robbery alarm at the store was activated around 11:40 p.m. Friday. The first officer to arrive at the store spotted someone wearing all black clothing as they … More Info
  • AR: Police: Man attempted burglary while carrying infant
    1.12.15 – Russellville Courier – Lawrence McCreery did intend to harass, annoy or alarm his former client when he licked the woman, the Intermediate Court of Appeals said in a ruling issued … More Info
  • CA: Deputies search for suspect in armed robbery of Cameron Park ...
    1.13.15 -Sacramento Bee – The Sheriff’s Office was notified of a hold-up alarm at Check Into Cash about 3:50 p.m. The teller reported that a man with a gun robbed the … More Info
  • CA: Ontario Police Shoot, Critically Injure Alleged Burglar
    1.12.15 – KTLA – Police responded to a burglary alarm call at a shopping center around 3:10 a.m., Ontario Police Department Sgt. More Info
  • CA: Public Safety: Felony vandalism charge against member of tea party …
    1.18.15 – Appeal-Democrat – Officer Dennis Hollar was summoned to the home in response to a burglar alarm. Hollar was outside the home when Dobbs sprinted through the front door after … More Info
  • DC: Surveillance video helps D.C. police capture man in package theft cases in Northwest
    1.12.15 – Washington Post – A vigilant homeowner with a surveillance camera and an alert a D.C. police officer teamed up over the weekend to arrest a man suspected of stealing packages left by delivery people outside several homes in Northwest Washington. More Info
  • GA: Sheriff’s Calls: Head-On Collision, Burglary at Middle School ...
    1.14.15 – Patch.com – Alarm – Walton County Deputies responded to an alarm at Carver Middle School. Key holder was notified, school checked and alarm was reset. Arrest – Nancy … More Info
  • ID: Ghost on camera at Idaho school: Eerie ghost-like image lurks in …
    1.12.15 -Examiner.com – A ghost trips the alarms at Pocatello High School and it is captured on the schools security cameras. Experts in ghost hunting call the footage coming off … More Info
  • IL: False alarm medical emergency leads to arrest on drug charges
    1.15.15 – MyFox Chicago – Police following up on what turned out to be a false emergency call at a northwest suburban home instead found a stash of marijuana and arrested the … More Info
  • IL: Wilmette Police Investigate Residential Burglaries
    1.16.15 – Patch.com – A burglary alarm was triggered by the offender leaving thru the front door. Entry was made thru a second story window. Jewelry was taken. … More Info
  • IN: Portage police seek assistance in identifying theft suspects
    1.12.15 – nwitimes.com – About 4 p.m. that day, the man and woman left the front entrance of the store, setting off the alarm. Surveillance video showed the couple entered the store about … More Info
  • LA: Sheriff: Burglary suspect faces more charges after confessing to …
    1.16.15 – The Advocate – A sheriff’s deputy responding to a burglar alarm at the story discovered the business’s front glass had been shattered. Surveillance video captured the burglar … More Info
  • MA: Two men sought in armed gas station robbery
    1.18.15 – Eagle-Tribune – Poor Boy Sunoco sounded a hold-up alarm at 7:20 a.m. Around the same time, a customer who was reaching into one … More Info
  • MI: County sheriff department probes smokeshop break-ins
    1.13.15 -The Macomb Daily – According to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched about 5 a.m. Monday when a burglar alarm activated at Wild Bill’s Tobacco Shop on … More Info
  • MO: Caretaker convicted in Columbia art dealer’s 2013 killing
    1.17.15 – fox2now.com – Thompson also was accused of tampering with the alarm system at Daniels’ home and planning arrangements to flee the country. Thompson maintained during … More Info
  • MO: Caught on camera: Smash and grab burglary at north St. Louis auto …
    1.16.15 – fox2now.com – Owner Jay Johnson says that around 2:45am, he got word the alarm was sounding at his store. They backed in with a … More Info
  • NC: Cary police seek suspects in rash of break-ins on Chatham Street
    1.13.15 -WTVD-TV – An alarm went off around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at Madsen Motors and when police arrived they found five businesses had been broken into. They say it all started at … More Info
  • NC: Three Fayetteville restaurant burglaries may be connected
    1.12.15 – WTVD-TV – The suspect fled once the alarm was triggered. Police say Fazoli’s was targeted twice. The first burglary happened … More Info
  • NE: Suspect in boot burglary arrested
    1.16.15 – Lincoln Journal Star – But a motion alarm at Orscheln Farm and Home was tripped just after 3 a.m. and, when police searched the store, they found a man … More Info
  • NH: Burglars hit 5 Manchester businesses overnight
    1.14.15 – The Union Leader – Burglar alarms alerted police to the crimes beginning at 12:15 a.m. A front door was smashed in at Good Still Pawn. Numerous electronic devices … More Info
  • NY: Hempstead man charged in thefts from Nassau churches six times …
    1.18.15 – Newsday – Glen Cove officers had been responding to a 12:46 a.m. burglary alarm. Alvarado ran into a wooded area and was chased down on foot by the officers, police … More Info
  • NY: Man accused of burglarizing Rotterdam store
    1.12.15 – NEWS10 ABC – On Sunday at 10:57 p.m., Rotterdam Police officers were dispatched to the Little Super convenience store for an activated burglar alarm … More Info
  • OK: Enid Residents On Edge After String Of Armed Robberies
    1.18.15 – News On 6 – And when he didn’t get any, he left just as the silent panic alarm tipped off officers. Continuing the robbery spree, just a few minutes later, Enid police said the … More Info
  • OR: Forest Grove police log: Cat trips burglar alarm, Man allegedly high …
    1.12.15 – OregonLive.com – Officers responded to a residential burglary alarm and determined the culprit was the family cat. A man reported a dresser outside of his apartment, but it did not … More Info
  • PA: Do you know this man? Police search for bank robbery suspect in …
    1.12.15 – York Daily Record/Sunday News – At 10:09 a.m., police responded to a panic alarm at the Fulton Bank Manchester Township. Once there, employees told police the man … More Info
  • PA: Dotti Lou butcher shop re-opens
    1.18.15 – Towanda Daily Review – Early on the morning of June 12, an alarm connected to the store went off at Vince’s nearby house. He headed for the shop. He saw smoke. “I said, ‘Oh, no, the … More Info
  • PA: GantDaily.com Police Blotter
    1.12.15 – Gant Daily – Police responded to an alarm that was activated at a local auto parts store. Upon arrival to the scene, police found a door that had not been secured properly. More Info
  • PA: Intruder sets off alarm at school
    1.14.15 – Greenock Telegraph – Intruder sets off alarm at school. Print … POLICE were called to a break-in at a Greenock school after an intruder set off the building’s alarm. Someone gained … More Info
  • PA: Police: Bank robber needed cash to keep family from being evicted
    1.14.15 – York Daily Record/Sunday News – Police said that at 10:09 a.m., they responded to a panic alarm at the Fulton Bank. Once there, employees told … More Info
  • TN: Burglars strike Kingsport armored service
    1.13.15 -Kingsport Times News – Burglars reportedly broke windows to enter a Kingsport armored vehicle service early Tuesday morning, making away as alarms sounded with a large amount of … More Info
  • TX: Authorities seek driver who crashed into Bell County Dollar General
    1.12.15 – KXXV News Channel 25 – Deputies responded to an alarm call about 6 a.m. on January 7, at the Dollar General. Responding deputies found that a … More Info
  • TX: Lexington Police Report
    1.15.15 – Lexington Leader – Chief Yarbrough was dispatched to an alarm call. Upon arrival, contact was made with the key holder, who advised the alarm was a … More Info
  • TX: Man charged with robbing Pak-A-Sak
    1.16.15 – Amarillo.com – Amarillo police arrested a man early Friday after officers responding to a burglary alarm saw him inside the Pak-A-Sak convenience store. More Info
  • VA: Police investigate armed robbery in Danville
    1.12.15 – WSLS – Danville Police officers responded to an alarm at American National Bank. As officers were responding, dispatch received confirmation … More Info
  • VA: Sheriff: Three men wanted for stealing firearms from Gloucester …
    1.16.15 – Daily Press – Deputies responded to a commercial burglar alarm at the shop around 1:31 a.m. on Thursday, according … More Info
  • WA: 2 arrested after store burglary; police seek 1 more
    1.13.15 -WOODTV.com – Deputies with the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office were called to the Rural King Supply Store after an alarm went off around 1 a.m. … More Info
  • WI: False bank alarm in Merrill follows robbery in Weston
    1.13.15 -Wausau Daily Herald – Merrill – A false alarm at a bank in Merrill drew police just after a … The false alarm came in at 1:17 p.m. from BMO Harris Bank … More Info
  • WV: Two arrested in connection with Mingo County grocery store burglary
    1.12.15 – WKYT – He says the suspects busted the alarm system and broke the door to get in. He says they got away with $100 in quarters and a dozen packs of cigarettes. More Info

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