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3.15.19 – Security Sales & Integration- 

One reason to get in front of existing customers is so you can demonstrate today’s smart home capabilities that integrate with security.

In today’s environment of fast-changing technology, consumers are not only busier; they rely on being plugged into the new technologies more than any generation before us. This brings opportunities to you as an alarm dealer to ensure your customers are aware of all the new services and technologies you offer and how they integrate with their lives.

As I like to point out, nothing bad happens when you proactively reach out to your customer base. At worst, they hear what you have to say about new services and products and decide they don’t need anything right now; at best, you’ve landed an upgrade project perhaps, or more RMR from a customer.

If you’re not being proactive, though, you could miss opportunities that are just waiting to happen.

Capitalize on Latest Central Station Services

To get started, you can talk with your equipment reps who along with keeping you up to date on new technologies and services being offered, might also be able to share best practices on approaching your customer. Your central monitoring station is also a great resource for new services that can be offered to your customers.

Services such as automated reports and notifications via email, SMS text, and interactive voice response (IVR), secure group chat, and automated cancel of false alarms are all services in which your customers might be interested — and possibly don’t know about — and many of these are compatible with all of your existing accounts.

If you have not communicated with your monitoring station recently, or reviewed any of their new services and technologies, you might be surprised at some of the latest offerings you can take advantage of and incorporate into your company’s business portfolio.

Additionally, there are new verified video monitoring services, interactive services, two-way audio and mPERS (mobile personal emergency response systems) solutions to produce new revenue channels, as well as creating a “stickier” customer.

Look for Ways to Demo New Offerings

The first step is understanding the products your vendors and monitoring company support along with the “value-added” training to help you market your existing and potential new customers.

Adding value to your existing customer base not only creates new revenue opportunities, it also keeps your company top of mind and may generate customer referrals that can positively impact your business and your bottom line.

While you’re there, you can also offer your customers a referral bonus for each friend, neighbor or co-worker they send your way. Getting into these habits will not only allow you to stay in touch with your customers regularly, but will also open channels for new sales opportunities — now and moving forward. Think about it, if your customer isn’t thinking of a new system now, they will be.

And, if they don’t know you offer the products and services they want (plus your expert support and installation), they’re going to go somewhere else. Good, constant communication with your equipment suppliers and monitoring company is an excellent source for ideas and best practices to help you continue to grow your business.


Ron Bowden is Director of Sales & Dealer Development at UCC, with 35+ years in the security industry in a variety of roles.