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2.20.19 – KGBT-TV-

Police are urging the public to be on alert of any suspicious sales people acting as representatives of the Weslaco Fire Department attempting to sell home security systems.

The Weslaco Police Department was recently notified about an individual going door-to-door identifying themselves as a representative of the Weslaco Fire Department.

According to a police release on Facebook, individuals are offering home inspections and attempting to sell security and fire alarm systems to home owners.

Police said the actors ofthis scam are not in uniform and not in a marked Fire Department vehicle.

According to police, the Weslaco Fire Department does not routinely go door-to-door offering home inspections and does not sell alarm systems.

Police said when they offer services to the citizens of Weslaco they are in official uniform, with identification and will be in a marked Wesalco Fire Department vehicle.

The public is urged to report anyone, not from the Wesalco Fire Department offering home Fire Department services.

Suspicious cases should be reported to the Wesalco Police Department at (956) 968-8591