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.9.3.20 – WGNO – NEW ORLEANS, LA

The Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD), in partnership with the City of New Orleans and AT&T, held a press conference to announce the upcoming modernization of 9-1-1 services infrastructure within Orleans Parish to NextGen 9-1-1 capabilities.

AT&T ESInet™ is an IP-based call routing service that helps emergency communications centers (ECCs) keep up with the current and future needs of its callers. Using the AT&T ESInet™ modern network architecture and the National Emergency Number Association’s i3 standards, Orleans Parish Communication District will be able to provide a more reliable and improved 911 experience.

Included in these infrastructure updates are more targeted response capabilities, more efficient boundary-setting capacities, more proficient location technology, and improved redundancies to ensure uninterrupted service during an emergency event.