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1.23.23 – I Heart

A man accused of stealing from a Washington community center left behind a stinky surprise for investigators.

The Tukwila Police Department said the “Phantom Pooper” stole a laptop, an iPad, and a charging cable from the city’s community center on Monday, January 16. The thief also defecated in the sink — one of two mistakes he made, according to officers.

“For reasons unknown, the suspect decided to leave behind a stool sample in a sink rather than dispose of the evidence in the toilet,” police wrote.

On top of leaving a DNA sample at the crime scene, the burglar also merged the stolen iPad’s Apple account with their personal account.

“Needless to say, we do not see a lengthy or prosperous criminal career in the field of hacking for the suspect,” authorities continued. They also offered the thief to surrender themselves — after washing their hands, of course.

No word on if the suspect has turned themselves in yet, or if police have already nabbed them.

A similar and foul crime recently happened in Florida, as well. A man who was caught on camera breaking into a restaurant also pooped on the floor before leaving with stolen items.