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2.2.24 – PTBO – Peterborough Police

As of March 1st, 2024, the Peterborough Police Service will be joining other police services by introducing a Verified Alarm Response Program (VARP).


“The Peterborough Police Service is adopting VARP to improve service delivery to residents and business owners and to decrease the time spent responding to false alarms,” says Peter Sejrup, Inspector, Support Services, Peterborough Police Service. “Annually, the Peterborough Police Service responds to approximately 1,000 calls for service regarding alarms with a 5-year average false rate of approximately 94 per cent. This represents a significant amount of resources dedicated to incidents where police are not required.”

To dispatch police to a property-related alarm, alarm monitoring services will have to verify that a criminal offence has occurred or is occurring using at least one of the following verification criteria:

  • Audio Signal (confirm criminal activity through sound detected on the premises)
  • Video Signal (confirm criminal activity through visual images)
  • On-Scene Witnesses (who can confirm suspected criminal activity from the scene)
  • Multiple Alarm Activation Points (at least two sensors in a manner or sequence that indicates suspected criminal activity)

The Peterborough Police Service will continue to provide immediate response to panic/hold-up/duress alarms when there is reason to believe that a crime is in progress or an emergency exists.  Verification of those types of alarms is not required as the community’s safety is paramount.

Learn more about the Verified Alarm Response Program: https://www.peterboroughpolice.com/en/learn/verified-alarm-response-program-v-a-r-p.aspx