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2.22.23 – SIW- LISLE, IL

Vendor sees significant application of enhance safety of hospital workers from firearm and knife threats.

Metrasens, a leading provider of advanced detection systems for security and safety applications, today announced its progress in enhancing the safety and security of hospitals and healthcare centers throughout the US.  Over the last 6 months, the adoption of its technology has accelerated, and more than 180 hospitals and healthcare centers are now working with Metrasens to leverage its technology, training expertise, and customer support.      

Customers range from dedicated behavioral health centers to emergency department psychiatric units, rural independent hospitals, academic hospitals, children’s hospitals, and large multi-site urban health systems.  Each has its own individual approach to safety, often extending beyond the front door and protection from guns alone. 

“Most security leaders and hospital executives we work with acknowledge the risks presented by guns and bladed weapons (knives, box cutters) and, the corresponding need to increase the protection of their staff from these potential threats”, says Brian Solverson, Director of Healthcare Safety for Metrasens. “Knives are a real threat that our customers face and are often a challenge because of how they can be easily concealed and elude detection from other technologies.  We are fortunate to have technology that addresses these risks and puts safety first.”

Incidents involving other potential weapons, while less newsworthy than incidents involving guns, are on the rise.  In a study of a large urban healthcare system, researchers found that nearly 3% of emergency department visits resulted in the confiscation of weapons (10,691 weapons), with 67% being bladed weapons and 0.3% being guns.

Metrasens customers are achieving impressive results, including this large threat set of bladed weapons.  One customer, a level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center with 500 beds reported preventing over 2,500 risk items in the first five months of their deployment with the Metrasens Ultra system.

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Hospitals aim to reverse the trend of violence against staff while maintaining patient care as the primary objective.  Metrasens offers a combination of high-performing detection systems that align with the customers’ desired threat sets, and are portable and aesthetically pleasing for added flexibility.    

“What impressed us most about the Metrasens Ultra is its incredible flexibility and portability compared with other systems that either require costly facility renovations or require a much larger footprint to operate”, said Matthew Brinkman, System Senior Director, Security Services for Corewell Health.  “Our leadership is happy with our evaluation and decision to add Metrasens Ultra into our security operations.”  

Corewell Health, the combination of the former Spectrum Health and Beaumont Health, is the largest employer in the state of Michigan. 

“Metrasens has had the pleasure of working with great partners like Corewell Health and many others, and take pride in the fact we are an important part of reducing their workplace violence incidents”, said Simon Goodyear, CEO of Metrasens.  “It is humbling and inspiring to know that we can contribute to the safety and security of communities that do so much to ensure our safety as patients in their hospitals.”

About Metrasens

Metrasens is the world’s leading provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies. With a technology center and manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, a North American sales and customer service hub in Chicago and a global network of distributors, the company’s innovative products are designed to address deficiencies in conventional screening methods and make the world safer and more secure. Metrasens’ mission is to take cutting-edge science from the laboratory and use it to create revolutionary, award-winning products that meet the distinct and diverse security needs of its customers. Metrasens’ core technologies have a wide range of real-world applications, embodied by solutions that are easy to adopt and simple to use.  For more information, visit www.metrasens.com.