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12.10.21 – SSN – Chicago

Ubiety Technologies Inc., a sensor array and data analytics company, announced a long-term partnership with Rapid Response Monitoring, the leading provider of professional alarm monitoring services, to solve the 98 percent false alarm rate that challenges today’s security monitoring industry.

The partnership will integrate Ubiety’s Presence Detection capabilities with Rapid Response’s alarm monitoring platform and procedure workflows. Ubiety’s presence data delivers situational awareness about people’s presence, especially during security alarms. This unique data will significantly reduce false alarm rates by providing the context necessary to augment alarm monitoring providers’ confirmation, verification, and notification procedures.

The partnership also presents Rapid Response’s national dealer network and its customers with Ubiety’s new technology and product offering, HomeAware, the first digital presence monitoring solution for residential awareness and security.

HomeAware answers the question “who’s in your home?” by enabling homeowners to monitor for the presence of people quickly and reliably via their wireless devices. It provides better situational awareness than traditional security solutions without sacrificing privacy, giving homeowners the information they need to assess and act to resolve false alarms effortlessly.

“Ubiety’s product and technology is key to reducing the $1.8 billion a year in costs associated with residential false alarms,” said Keith Puckett, CEO and Founder of Ubiety Technologies. “We deliver the critical contextual data needed to augment and support industry standards being established by The Monitoring Association, including CS-V-01. As an industry leader and best-in-class technology pioneer, Rapid Response is the key partner to help us solve this industry-wide challenge.”

“Understanding who is or isn’t present in a home when a burglary alarm is triggered is a game changer not just for monitoring centers, but for the security industry as a whole,” added Russell MacDonnell, Chairman/CEO of Rapid Response Monitoring. “It allows us to alter legacy workflow with real-time information providing a real reduction in false alarms and a customer journey never seen before in the alarm industry. We’re eager to leverage this technology partnership to bring an entirely new experience to monitoring customers.”