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6.4.19 – SSI:

WalletHub’s 2019 report compares the 50 states across 52 key safety indicators to determine which are the safest and least safe

Personal-finance website WalletHub has released the latest edition of its “Safest States in America” report.

In order to determine its rankings, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 52 key metrics grouped into five different categories: personal and residential safety; financial safety; road safety; workplace safety; and emergency preparedness.

Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the highest level of safety. You can view the full details of the report and its methodology here.

The Safest States in America

For the first time in two years, new states have appeared in the top 10. Rhode Island is now ranked 16, making it the lone New England state outside the top 10. Also moving down a few notches is Washington. Iowa and Wyoming are new to the top 10 this year.

  1. Minnesota
  2. Vermont
  3. Maine
  4. Utah
  5. Connecticut
  6. New Hampshire
  7. Iowa
  8. Hawaii
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Maine

The Most Dangerous States in America

The Southern U.S. continues to have the least safe states in the country. New to the bottom 10 this year are South Dakota and Montana — interestingly located in the upper Midwest. Mississippi and Louisiana remain the least safe states in the country.

  1. Mississippi
  2. Louisiana
  3. Florida
  4. Arkansas
  5. Texas
  6. Alabama
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Missouri
  9. Montana
  10. South Dakota

Click here for a slideshow comparing statistics such as assaults per capita and law enforcement numbers between the safest and most dangerous states.