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6.1.21 – SSI –  Steve Karantzoulidis 

Home security systems and smoke detectors are just two of several solutions that Americans believe they should have, but don’t. Time for integrators to step in.

When it comes to offering residential security solutions, it is important to know exactly what people are looking for so you can efficiently target them with your sales and marketing efforts.

Personal safety review site SafeHome.org has released the findings of a survey it recently conducted to examine the current state of home safety to determine which safety measures help people feel safe, which measures they lack and what they fear most.

When asked about the most important safety measures to have in a home, 72% of the people surveyed cited smoke detectors. Coming in second place was first aid kits with 61% followed by exterior lighting with 56%.

As far as security solutions go, home camera systems came in with 32%, video doorbells and home alarm systems were both cited by 27%, and smart locks by 14%.

Source: SafeHome.org

When it comes to solutions that can make people feel safer, firearms was the number one response with 83%, despite the fact that Americans are more than twice as likely to own a smoke detector than a gun, according to SafeHome.org.

Smoke detectors did come in second place, tied with carbon monoxide detectors with a 77% response rate. Those were followed by home alarm systems with 76%, home camera systems with 73% and smart locks with 71%.

The survey also revealed that Americans are more worried about personal harm that could happen during a home invasion (a robbery) than they are about the theft of their possessions (a burglary), despite robberies being 4 times less likely to happen in your home than a burglary, according to SafeHome.org.

Additionally, 37% of respondents said they believe they should have a home alarm system but don’t. Thirty-one percent said the same about smoke detectors and 30% for home camera systems.

Source: SafeHome.org

What does this mean for security integrators? More than one-third of the country does not have a security system even though they believe they should. It’s up to you to find out why that is and then offer a solution.

Click here to view the full results of the survey and its methodology.