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9.21.20 – KOCO

A string of dispensaries in Oklahoma City was targeted by a masked clown.

Oklahoma City police now have three people in custody in connection with the robberies.

Police said the suspect was wearing a generic scary clown mask. The robber spent Wednesday terrorizing local dispensaries.

“With the mask thing like Halloween as it gets closer to the holiday, we do see a little bit of uptick for that,” said Lt. Isaac Goodman, OCPD.

Police said the suspect first stopped at Evergreen Dispensaries at 63rd Street and Portland Avenue and scoped it out.

“In that case, the suspect had gone inside wearing the mask but didn’t ever attempt to rob anything,” Goodman said.

The suspect then got into a red F150 pickup truck with two other people inside and drove to Green Gorilla on May Avenue. Surveillance video showed the man putting on the clown mask and walking in.

Once inside, he pulled out a handgun from his hoodie.

“They said the man came in, demanded money and also took some vape products,” Goodman said.

Staff calmly handed over cash and some disposable vapes. The masked suspect got into the truck and sped off.

Police were on the hunt for the masked clown for the rest of the day, hoping someone would recognize the getaway truck.

“It’s pretty distinct,” Goodman said.

Just an hour and a half later, Sage Wellness on North Western Avenue was hit. Police found the getaway truck unoccupied near the crime scene and shortly after, found three people walking away.

Police handcuffed them and took them into custody.

At this time, none of the people have been arrested. Police also told KOCO 5 that the red pickup truck could be stolen.

No injuries occurred, but the staff said it was a scary ordeal.