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1.19.18 – WTOK – JACKSON, Miss. 

The Mississippi State Fire Marshal Office is cracking down on dishonest security alarm sales.

Multiple people have called the department complaining that door-to-door salesmen are lying about their product and which company they work for.

Once these scammers get inside, they’re taking advantage of customers by removing existing security systems, installing new ones and locking customers into a new contract.

Meridian Deputy Fire Chief Jason Collier says it’s important to make sure a company is properly licensed through the SFMO.

“Like we do inspections of buildings and different things and work after different contractors, they do that, too,” he says. “That’s to protect and make sure the work was done correctly.”

Here are some tips from the State Fire Marshal Office to avoid getting scammed.

If a salesperson comes to your door, be cautious of the following:

• Offers that promise a “free” system or claims that your current system is old, out of date or in need of an upgrade or replacement.
• Claims that your home has been chosen as a “model” home and is eligible for a free system and/or reduced monitoring fee.
• Guarantees that you will receive a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance when a system is purchased.
• Salespersons that come to your home claiming to be with your current company. Call your company and verify.
• Claims that your company has gone out of business or that your account has been purchased from your company. Call your company and verify.
• Claims of increased crime in your neighborhood. Call your local police and verify.

If you believe you’ve been taken advantage of or had your security system replaced by a fraudulent company, contact the State Fire Marshal Office by calling 601-359-1061.