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6.11.20 -SSI – Steve Karantzoulidis

A survey by ADT reveals 21% of people are willing to share their keyless code, in addition to what they are likely to choose as their code and more.

A major selling point of smart locks and keyless entry solutions is convenience. Instead of fumbling around for keys, a user can simple wave their phone or enter a pin number.

According to a recent survey conducted by ADT, 21% of people are willing to share their smart lock keyless code. Sharing a code to enter your home isn’t the same as sharing your Netflix password. If a user’s code was to end up in the wrong hands they could face serious repercussions.

The survey, which surveyed more than 1,000 people across four different age groups, goes on to shed an illuminating light on people’s smart lock habits.

When it comes to who these codes are being shared with, more than half of people shared their keyless entry code with friends (59%) and extended family members (54%), followed by a significant other (27%) and the people who clean or service their home (18%). Men (66%) were more likely to share their home security code with friends compared to women (52%).Related:Smart Locks: Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Selling

When it comes to creating a keyless entry code, somewhat unsurprisingly, the majority of people choose a simple sequence of numbers (30%). Nearly a quarter of respondents (20%) use the same code as another account, such as a bank PIN or phone passcode.

As a security professional, it’s your job to keep people safe. Part of that includes explaining the risks of the technology you install. Make sure your customers don’t freely hand out their keyless entry code. Many smart locks give the option of setting up temporary codes or setting schedules.

View the slideshow to see the full results of the survey.


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