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4.30.24 – SIW

Smart-home security system maker SimpliSafe is rolling out an expansion of its live guard protection program by adding technology to stop crime outside the home.

The company says live-guard outdoor protection is the first layer of defense to deter would-be intruders from entering a home. SimpliSafe introduced similar technology for intruders inside the home last year.

SimpliSafe says its advanced artificial intelligence technology in smart cameras and live agent intervention provide extra security for residential areas.

When systems are armed, AI technology on outdoor cameras, along with a wide field of view and night vision keep watch over a home’s perimeter. When a person is detected, the AI-enabled camera escalates an alert to a team of monitoring professionals to confirm and take action.

Monitoring agents can see and speak to intruders in real time using two-way audio, activate the camera’s built-in siren, and request priority police dispatch in life-threatening situations or a home break-in when the system is armed. 

SimpliSafe introduced 24/7 live guard protection last June paired with its Smart Alarm Indoor Camera.

Select customers are eligible to participate in SimpliSafe’s Early Access Program and be among the first to experience the outdoor monitoring technology before it launches later this year.

The company notes that nearly 2 million people in the U.S. are victims of burglary and trespassing each year, often facing significant emotional and financial harm as a result. 

Home invasions typically last only 10 minutes so timely response to emergencies is critical. Once an intruder has entered the home, it’s already too late to stop the resulting property and emotional damage.

“For decades, the home security industry has remained reactive, jumping into action only when a break-in is already in progress. SimpliSafe has set out to challenge this standard and to offer our customers new, more proactive ways to feel and be safe,” said Christian Cerda, Chief Executive Officer at SimpliSafe, in a statement.

“Live outdoor monitoring is our latest breakthrough, combining AI and advanced technology with expert monitoring professionals to stop crime before it even happens. This is a true game changer in customer safety.”