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9.20.18 – SSI

A Florida security installer was busted after the spy cameras he put in his ex-girlfriend’s house recorded him installing them.

Security System Installer Arrested for Putting Spy Cameras in Ex-Girlfriend’s House

(Screenshot: News 6)

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — If you are a residential security systems installer, people put their trust in you. They let you into their homes and trust that you properly install equipment that will keep them safe. The last thing they expect you to do is install spy cameras for your own personal pleasure.

However, that’s exactly what one man here in Florida did. According to his arrest report, 49-year old James West placed spy cameras in his ex-girlfriend’s home, including in her two adult daughters’ bedrooms.

One of the daughters discovered a pinhole camera on her TV in her bedroom on Aug. 4, less than a week after they had been out of town, according to the report. The mother asked West about it since he is a security system installer and was recently at the home, but he claimed to know nothing of it.

On Sept. 10, a second camera was found in a bathroom and a third in another bedroom. Unfortunately for West, these cameras had a microSD card in them and recorded him installing them.

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Bob Kealing said West was able to access the footage captured on the spy cameras through an app on his phone.

Deputies subpoenaed Amazon.com and found that West had purchased an AOBO Spy Camera, the same type of camera found in the victim’s bathroom, on July 23, according to News 6 Orlando.

According to the report, West works for an Orlando-based security company called HLE Systems. Since he was a professional installer, deputies are warning that there may be more victims.

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