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5.13.23 – The Journal Record –  OKLAHOMA CITY

Legislation that would create a school safety pilot program has passed through the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Passage of House Bill 2903 into law would create the School Resource Officer Program, a three-year pilot program to provide every school district in the state with a resource officer or security upgrades. A separate bill, House Bill 2904, would fund the program and direct approximately $96,000 to each Oklahoma public school district.

Both bills were presented on the House floor by state Rep. Dick Lowe, R-Amber.

Under HB 2903, school resource officers participating in the program must complete active shooter emergency response training provided by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. The bill also would establish a School Security Revolving Fund and would allow the state Department of Education to distribute up to $50 million per year, totaling a $150 million investment over the three-year program.

HB 2903 passed the House 90-9 and HB 2904 passed 98-1. Both bills moved to the Senate for consideration.