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Adventures Await in Colorado Springs
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Seventeen Informative Sessions To Help You-
Opening Session –Enhance your Colorado Springs experience by meeting your fellow attendees and learning a bit about them. Review the program ahead and hear tips from the visitor’s bureau on things to do in Colorado Springs.
– Mindfulness –Learn about the hidden impacts of the job. Explore several mindfulness techniques that you can incorporate into your daily work and personal life. Discuss issues that often go overlooked and how mindfulness can help you maintain mental well-being.
– How I Survived the Last 3 Years – How have the recent pandemics, protests and resulting staffing and policy changes impacted you. How are you dealing with the challenges?
– Plain Talk – Explore how to deal with alarm users and remove the jargon and acronyms to get your point across.
– How to Collect – How to collect past due fees and fines.
– Avoid Duress Dealing with Panic & Holdup Alarms – Why is the simple button called so many things? How false alarms can be avoided.
– Can Video Stop the False Alarm? – Can video systems help find the causes of false alarms and filter out false dispatches? Learn best practices. What to look at. What to respond to. How to decide if the image really shows a crime.
 Are You Certifiable? – How to prepare/Study for the FARA Certified Alarm Manager exam
– Tabletop Exercise – Build the Perfect Program – Groups will use FARA Documents to create “The Perfect Program” to reduce false alarms.
– Not Your Grandmas False Alarm – With DIY, MIY, PERS & video: the definition of a false alarm is changing. – How your Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) codes these service requests can impact your program.
– How to Connect with the Alarm User – Review methods to reach out to alarm users. Explore options for classroom & online alarm classes.
– What is ASAP to PSAP? – Learn about the automated data exchange interface program that provides for the electronic dispatch to alarm activations. Allowing monitoring companies and PSAPs to communicate alarm events and status updates electronically should reduce human error and improve efficiency. Explore how it has impacted alarm programs.
– Software options – Learn what is available for software and understand what functionality a software program should have.
– Walk in their Shoes- Law Enforcement – Learn what Crime Prevention Officers, Patrol Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies say about alarms. Explore how agencies are dealing with limited resources.
– What We Can Learn from Canada – Canadian agencies regulate alarms with some different tactics. Explore what the tactics are and how effective they have been.
 – What You Need to Know About Alarm Validation Scoring – Get ready for the new TMA-AVP Standard. Monitoring stations are taking additional data including audio and video in order to help determine and quantify the 5 levels that are described in the AVS-01 standard. Discuss how to use this additional information in your program.
– Membership Meeting – Hear about FARA initiatives, talk about the direction of your association, and make your voice heard on the election of new officers, recognize the best agencies, companies and individuals
– Because There is Always One More Question & Wrap-up- One of the strengths of FARA is its diversity, so we can never hope to know or answer every question in our planned program. Here is your chance – stump the experts. Give feedback on what you liked, what you didn’t, and how we can make the next symposium better.
New this year – Challenge Coin for each attendee. Tote Bag. Pen & Pad Set
There are a multitude of options within walking distance of the hotel. Goat Patch Brewing Company, The Rabbit Hole, Jack Quinns’s Irish Pub And Restaurant, The Melting Pot, Jose Muldoons, Louie’s Pizza, Birt Tree Café, T Byrds Tacos & Taquila, The Skirted Heifer, Four by Brother Luck, Amanda Fonda & Cantina, Solar Roast Café, Mackenzie’s Chop House, Famous Steak House, Taste of Jerusalem Café, Odyssey Gastropub, Chiba Bar, Oskar Blues Grill & Brew & Babino’s Urban Pizza. Many more nearby.
There are several Bars & Night Clubs within walking distance of the hotel. Shame & Regret, Icons, Rendezvous Cigar & Cocktail Lounge, Tony’s, Cowboy’s, District Eleven & Gasoline Alley & Meadow Muffins. Many more nearby.