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Real-Time Crime Center model for Arkansas law enforcement

4.13.22 – JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT)

Cutting-edge technology used by the city of Jonesboro is becoming a model around the state of Arkansas.

The Jonesboro Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center gives officers eyes in the sky to know what’s going on throughout the community.

The crime center has over 275 cameras across town to help with finding stolen vehicles, where suspects go after breaking the law, and reviewing traffic accidents.

“We can back up the camera see exactly what happened,” said Rachel Anderson, the digital media officer with Jonesboro police. “There is no dealing with witnesses, or arguing with insurance companies, we have everything right here.”

Anderson said the crime center could also help other agencies as recently, JPD was able to assist the Arkansas State Police after state police lost a suspect in a car chase.

“We put in the tag number into our license plate software, and we saw within the last about minute this vehicle had entered Craighead Forest Park,” said Anderson. “We got a super clear picture of the vehicle and got officers out there immediately.”

The center was also able to catch children playing with pellet guns and threatening individuals. The department is encouraging all local police forces to look into the technologies.

The Jonesboro Police Department is also looking into new cameras and 20 more license plate readers as part of phase two of the center.

The crime center will also be a major talking point at Wednesday’s mayor caucus as the department will talk about expansion.

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