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Legislative Tracking

The following are bills of interest reported by our tracking service.

DateFull TextDescriptionHistory
2-10-19MD HB0792Maryland Electricians Act - Revisions
2-10-19MD HB0905Electricians - Low-Voltage Electricians, Continuing Education, and Penalties
2-10-19MD HB0951
Security Systems Technicians - Sunset Extension
2-10-19TX SB 707 Relating to the placement and use of video recording equipment in certain child-care facilities.
2-10-19TX HB 1141 Relating to an exemption from licensing requirements for certain electrical work.
12-9-18TX -HB 459 Relating to the placement and use of video recording equipment in certain child-care facilities.History
12-9-18TX-HB 218Relating to the online publication of home addresses of certain occupational license holders.History
12-8-18Tx HB 538 Murphy, Jim(R) - Relating to the provision of alarm system services by certain municipalities.History
6-22-18PASB01211An Act amending Title 35 (Health and Safety) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in public safety, providing for the School Safety and Security Program. | Senator REGAN
Status: Remarks see Senate Journal Page ....), June 22, 2018 [Senate]
All Versions: Introduced
6-22-18PASB01218 An Act amending the act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), known as the Public School Code of 1949, providing for school safety and security training. | Senator McGARRIGLE
Status: Referred to EDUCATION, June 22, 2018 [Senate]
All Versions: Introduced
6-21-18NYSB08732By RITCHIE | Relates to expedited licensing or certification for certain professions by military spouses, such professions include apartment vendors, appearance enhancement, athletic agents, bail enforcement agents, home inspection professionals, private investigators, security guards, real estate appraisers, security or alarm installers, ticket resellers and watch, guard or patrol agents.
Status: 05/10/2018 : REFERRED TO JUDICIARY
6-15-18NJAB04056Permits schools to use automatic alerting device to contact 9-1-1 service. No companion bill.
Status: 6/4/2018 : Introduced, Referred to Assembly Higher Education Committee
6-15-18NYAB11226By DenDekker | Relates to creating the comprehensive school security bond act of 2018 for the purposes of improving the safety and security of the populations, buildings and connected infrastructure of public and private schools, and boards of cooperative education of this state by funding capital projects for the costs of threat detection and interdiction, security awareness, and communication coordination, including services, expenses and indirect costs and providing for the submission to the people of a proposition therefor.
Status: 06/15/2018 : referred to education
6-1-18NCHB01064Req. Implementation of Text/SMS 911 for PSAPs.
Status: 06/01/2018 : Ref To Com On Appropriations on 06/01/2018