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11.24.23 – New England Cable News –ROCKLAND, Maine

Police officers in Maine activated their body cameras, which captured a surprising encounter as they responded to an alarm on Thanksgiving Day at a local retailer.

The incident began at 1 p.m. when officers in Rockland were sent to the store. Initially, they saw the large front window was smashed and several items were knocked over inside.

According to a police statement, officers from other jurisdictions responded to provide support and, suspecting that one or more burglars may still be inside, they secured the entry and exit points before beginning to search the building.

The culprit they found was far from what was expected.

It was a white-tailed deer behaving like a bull in a china shop. Video from one of the body cameras shows the animal sliding into a corner of the store before looking, like a deer in headlights, at the officer before sprinting past.

Police said the animal was eventually able to leave the building on its own and was not seriously injured.