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12.2.23 – (WJTV)

The City of Pearl has partnered with Securix Mississippi to use existing traffic safety cameras to read license plates that will verify if a vehicle has insurance. Leaders said potential violations will be verified by a Pearl police officer, and a ticket will be mailed to the offender.

The Pearl Board of Aldermen approved the program, which will start on December 1, 2023.

“Our goal is to protect drivers in our city, including making sure every vehicle has auto insurance which is what our state law requires,” said Pearl Mayor Jake Windham. “Our police officers respond to accidents every day that involve an uninsured driver. Uninsured drivers are placing an undue burden on people following the law and lead to higher insurance rates for everyone.

Since 2001, Mississippi law has required all automobile owners to have, at a minimum, liability insurance.

Pearl leaders said violators will have three options to address the citation:

  • Agree to a diversion program which includes a significantly reduced fine, participation in a short online course, committing to get insurance and not re-offend, avoiding license suspension and keeping the citation off their driving record.
  • eject the opportunity to utilize the diversion program and instead, appear in court to challenge the citation.
  • If the driver believes the citation has been issued in error, they can provide proof the vehicle had insurance on the date the citation was issued, and in that case, the Police Department will void the citation and make sure insurance lists are updated to reflect it is an insured vehicle.