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11.3.22 – OKLAHOMA CITY – KOCO – Alejandra Briones

Oklahomans looking to get the Real ID or renew their driver’s license began going through a new government entity this week.

Service Oklahoma, which was created earlier this year by the Oklahoma Legislature, took over the responsibility on Nov. 1 from the Department of Public Safety.

The new entity took over with a goal to address frustrations with long lines, wait times and delays when Oklahomans have tried to get a Real ID or renew a driver’s license.

Those hoping to renew their licenses or get a Real ID will still go to one of the 33 Department of Public Safety locations across Oklahoma. The Department of Public Safety’s information and employees have both moved to Service Oklahoma.

“The real genesis is, let’s let the Department of Public Safety focus on public safety, their core mission, and let’s let Service Oklahoma focus on providing a great customer service experience,” Doyle said.

Oklahoma state Reps. Dell Kerbs and Chuck Hall sponsored the bill that called for this transition. Service Oklahoma was created when the bill passed in May.

The move gained support from both sides of the aisle, as well as tag agents across the state.

“Service Oklahoma is a revamp. We have not taken a serious look at the delivery system for tags, titles and driver’s licenses in about 25 years. So, it’s long overdue,” Kerbs said.

The new entity’s focus is providing great government services, said CEO of Service Oklahoma Jay Doyle.

The deadline for Oklahomans to get their Real ID is May 3, 2023. The need to get the new ID has put a strain on the system.

Service Oklahoma said it is expecting another surge of Oklahomans getting the Real ID before the deadline.

“We can guarantee that there’s going to be bumps along the road,” Doyle said. “We’re going to do everything we can to solve those,”

Service Oklahoma will be taking over even more services on Jan. 1, which will impact tag agencies.

“Really, the first step is to make sure that all tag agencies are offering the same services so that, if you go to get your car registered, you can also go get your driver’s license,” Doyle said.

The new entity plans to have more services added to tag agencies, as well as more locations over time.