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2.22.21 – CBS 17 – Katelyn Ogle, Nexstar Media Wire

An Oklahoma City woman said she feels exposed, afraid, and angry after discovering her security camera footage was sent to a stranger in North Carolina.

“I’m not protected with my cameras on and I’m not protected with them off,” said Myeisha Thompson. “it’s a lose-lose situation.”

Thompson said she bought a Blue by ADT security system in early March. After it came in the mail, she received step-by-step installation instructions over the phone. 

She was told the security cameras were only supposed to roll if the alarms on the windows and doors were triggered. 

“That’s the whole reason I bought it,” she said.

That feeling of protection turned to exposure after she received an email from a stranger in North Carolina. The email address used the same names as hers, only backwards. 

“Her exact words were, ‘Hi I’m Kelsey. I’m receiving your notifications from Blue. I’m a mother and I am concerned because I’m receiving footage of you in your own home.’”

Thompson said when she rushed to her app to disarm the cameras she made a discovery. The cameras that were only supposed to roll at certain times had been capturing video and pictures while going about her normal routine and in the nude.

“I am literally being watched. Not monitored for my safety. Watched,” said Thompson. “It’s not cool for people to be seeing my body. Who wants to just be showing their body?”

The videos and pictures were not just of her, but of her 3-year-old granddaughter.

“Getting her out of the shower and us getting dressed. I don’t know what all they contain.”

Now she’s concerned and worried the user in North Carolina weren’t the only one who had seen them.

KFOR and Myeisha reached out to ADT. The alarm company’s media team reached back out to News 4 and assured us they were investigating.

Until then, Myeisha said her cameras are off and turned away.

“I’m just. I’m scared. I’m scared to be in my own home. I’m supposed to be protected in my own home. I’m not protected in my own home.”

Thompson said she is in contact with a lawyer out of Dallas and is seeking legal action.

She does not plan on making any more payments.

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