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9.28.20 – Destiny Washington. – KOKH

State Sen. Rob Standridge said he will file legislation later this fall to make sure local governments don’t ignore the will of their citizens when slashing police department budgets.

“We’re still working on the language, but basically, if the citizens voted to increase police personnel or additional funding, their local government couldn’t just come back in later and slash that budget,” Standridge said. “The issue would have to go back to the voters to decide if they wanted those reductions or not.”

Standridge said a second component of the legislation would block any state aid or grants from going to local governments that cut law enforcement budgets.

“I’m very concerned about what’s happening, not just around the country, but here in Oklahoma,” Standridge said. “If a local government decides to do that, then I think there should be consequences. That’s what I want to address with my legislation.”

Standridge has also announced planned legislation to strengthen Oklahoma statutes about rioting by ensuring those responsible for the destruction of property are held fully accountable for restitution.

Legislators can formally file legislation for the 2021 session beginning November 15,2020.