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7.12.19 – American Inno-

The security tech industry isn’t known for being flashy, but don’t tell that to the 570 employees at Tysons-based Alarm.com.

The company’s headquarters takes up five floors and 137,000 square feet at 8281 Greensboro Drive, and soon will expand to six floors. It hosts executives and several teams – including administrative, sales, marketing, HR and legal – for the smart-home technology maker, which recently eclipsed 1,000 staffers companywide and is currently hiring.

A small pond emblazoned with its logo sits in the eighth-floor lobby, under an open, central staircase that reaches up to the 11th floor. In a corner close by, a conference room’s back wall is not a wall, but instead a replica of a house’s front door, armed with several Alarm.com products for showcasing.

Upstairs, behind the staircase, an orange “innovation wall” showcases more than 50 patents that the firm owns. Nearby, a large screen with a map displays a real-time feed of every activity by Alarm.com products in the world, like alarms going off, service activations and activated video feeds.

The spacious office plan includes cubicles, glass-sided conference rooms and other lounge-type seating areas. Strewn about its five floors are small, two-person conference rooms that all feature unique designs.

But it’s not all business-related.

Alarm.com’s office also includes a climate-controlled “oxygen room,” filled to the brim with living plants, making it feel like a bonafide greenhouse in the midst of an office tower. Downstairs on the fifth floor sits the pub, designed like an old English pub with brown leather, long bar tables and a shuffleboard setup.

Through a speakeasy-type hidden door on one of the pub’s walls, behind shelves of memorabilia, you can find a ping pong room that is soundproofed to keep the pings and pongs out of the main office area.

Check out those Alarm.com office features and more below.