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There is a new law in Oklahoma that can affect some in our industry and for over the past 18 months, there have been a number of discussions at ODOL, with the Alarm, Locksmith Committee and at the OKBFAA annual meeting (December 2017) and board meetings, related to the auto renewal in some alarm contracts.

ODOL ran this by the Alarm and Locksmith Committee and introduced a bill, SB 1061, which passed and was signed into law by the Governor this spring.  This topic has been brought up multiple times with no objections to the OKBFAA board.

SB 1061 was the bill that passed this past legislative session and became law November 1, 2018 which  states that after the initial term of an alarm agreement, that agreement will revert to month-to-month contract.  OKBFAA wants to be sure that our member companies know of this change in the state law.  If  your contract has an auto renew clause, you may not be able to enforce it in the state of Oklahoma.

The new section of the Alarm and Locksmith law  relating to residential alarm and contracts can be found here….Statute 59 O.S. 1800.18.  If you have questions about this, we recommend you contact the OK Dept. of Labor.

Thank you,

Steven Brekel, OKBFAA President