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9.24.19 – SSN – COLUMBUS, Ohio

Equips readers with tools, knowledge to close more sales, enhance customer relationships

Security industry veteran Daniel Schmelzer has brought to market an easy-to-read guide book, “Securing Trust: A Guide for Security Technology Sales Professionals Written from the Customer’s Perspective,” written to equip today’s security integrators with the tools and knowledge they need to close more sales and enhance their customer relationships.

The book’s pages are pack with useful sales tips, based on real-life security selling techniques that have helped senior leaders understand the value of investing in sophisticated security technology. Key topics found within the twelve chapters include:

  • Meeting preparation;
  • Understanding the fundamental role of security in an organization;
  • How to help customers identify risk;
  • How to discover sales opportunities by supporting customer’s business continuity;
  • Emergency preparedness plans;
  • How to sell the benefits of system integration, cross functionality and convergence;
  • The value of system design standards;
  • How to help the customer sell your solution internally;
  • Understanding the buying cycle; and
  • Overcoming objection.

Schmelzer holds a Master of Arts in Security management form the American Military University, has six years of experience as a security sales professional and seven years as a security technology director at a Fortune 20, global company. His work portfolio and expertise include designing, implement and management of a $30 million, IP-centric, enterprise security platform that spans five continents. He has also designed and implemented over 1,700 integrated security installation.

Schmelzer wrote “Securing Trust” to empower other security technology professionals to grow their businesses by taking an informed approach to selling the value of security to an organization. The book is available on Amazon and on Schmelzer’s website: www.pegasussecuritycoaching.com.