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8.17.18 – WRTV Indianapolis – HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. —

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People living in the Williamsburg Village subdivision in Brownsburg are warning their neighbors about a man they say is posing as an alarm company employee and trying to gain access to their homes.

The alert first went out over the neighborhood’s Facebook page after an elderly woman reported a man trying to get into her home who was claiming to be an alarm company employee. Another neighbor overheard the commotion and scared the man off, but they’re worried he’s tried it at other homes.

They say the man was wearing an ID badge, but they believe it was fake, so they’re warning the rest of their neighbors to stay on alert.

“I make it a habit not to let anyone in my door unless I know who it is,” said Joy Carter. “I have canines in my house. One is a German Shepherd and he wouldn’t let anyone in my door.”

“We all watch out for each other,” said Carter. “I have a neighbor down the street that keeps an eye out for my house. I use the Williamsburg Facebook page to alert anyone to anything that is going on in the neighborhood.

The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the reports and offers the following tips to keep yourself from becoming a victim:

  • Keep your doors and deadbolts locked
  • Don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t offer to let someone into your home to use your phone, call the police for them instead
  • Talk through a closed door or an electronic doorbell system if someone you don’t know comes to your home
  • Have a trusted loved one stay with you when service reps have to come inside your home
  • Be especially aware of unsolicited special deals

If you are approached by these fake alarm company workers or anyone suspicious you should call your local police department immediately.