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6.18.18 – SSI

Security Sales & Integration has compiled a comprehensive, ground-breaking study that reveals the average salaries for technicians, sales and executive management by region of and size of company.

Security Sales & Integration offers the security industry the most comprehensive study of wages and salaries ever conducted.

The study was conducted in February 2018 with 217 responses recorded. One notable finding from the study is national security companies that cover the entire United States pay higher salaries and wages across the board compared to regional or local alarm dealers.

Regionally, employees at  security companies in the West make the most, followed by the Northeast, the Midwest and then the South. Interestingly, Canadian employees made more than regional and local companies, but still less than national companies.

The West and Midwest are predicted to see the largest wage increase at 3.20% and 3% respectively, coming in ahead of the 2.90% predicted for national companies.

It should come as no surprise that national security companies are able to pay their employees the most considering their size. However, as more regional companies complete acquisitions, could their employees begin to see a pay increase?

According to the study, 28% of security integration companies expanded their geographic territory coverage in the past 12 months, and 18% merging or acquiring a competitor.

View all of these statistics and more in the chart below, and then go here to download the full 2018 SSI Wage & Salary Study.