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More Great Hiring Tips in Tight Labor Market: Join Industry Forums, Pay for Referrals

5.16.18 – CEPro -Experienced home-technology integrator suggests participating in industry forums to find potential employees with the right skillsets, and offering generous bonuses for referrals.

The combination of an expanding economy (more business coming in the door) and a tight job market has created a challenging environment. Businesses just can’t hire the people they need. The money is there to pay people well, but finding them is a huge challenge.

Most businesses take a very passive approach to hiring. They place some ads in the local newspaper and online on job sites, including some that cater to the A/V industry. Then they wait for responses. While this approach may work in an environment where there are lots of people looking for work, in a tight job market, it isn’t effective.

A more effective method is to take an active approach. I will state up front that an active approach is more expensive. However, the cost must be balanced with the loss in revenue from not having the people you need to deliver the project opportunities you have.

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