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7.6.18 – Grant Graham – Senior Director of Monitoring Operations

MONI Smart Security and its DIY subsidiary LiveWatch have completely rebranded as a single entity under the Brinks Home Security™ name. The process was completed in May 2018.

The rebrand was the result of an exclusive, long-term licensing agreement with The Brink’s Company. The agreement allows the Brinks Home Security trademark to be used in relation to the residential smart home and home security categories in the U.S and Canada. Brinks Home Security and The Brink’s Company are totally separate in their business operations.

Brand recognition of Brinks Home Security is remarkably strong among dealers, consumers and prospective customers. Jeff Gardner, president and CEO, said the brand will create greater recognition in the marketplace at a crucial time when new players – major brands like Google and Amazon – are aggressively entering the home security and smart-home technology sector.

“A strong brand is critical in the new era of the smart home,” Gardner said. “This allows us to go to market with the No. 2 nationally recognized home security brand that symbolizes strength, security and, most importantly, trust.”

In terms of Brinks Home Security’s business operations, very little has changed. The company’s Authorized Dealer Program is more robust than ever, and its direct-to-consumer channel is growing rapidly. Its award-winning Alarm Response Center continues to provide industry-leading monitoring to nearly 1 million customers.

Monitronics International Inc., dba Brinks Home Security, is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Evanston, Ill.; St. Marys, Kan. and Manhattan, Kan.