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1.14.23 – Press Register – 

The 2023 Regular Legislative Session The Second week of the 2023 Regular Legislative Session is now complete.

The Deadline for introduction of general bills and constitutional amendments is Monday January 16.

A measure has been introduced to Remove Mandated Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Community College/Universities Foundations (Senate Bill 2017)

On January 9, Senate Bill 2017 (filed by Senator Joey Fillingane) was introduced and single referred to the Senate Finance Committee. This measure removes ad valorem tax exemption for university or community college foundation or federally qualified health center property.

The measure actually strikes all the new language that created this mandated exemption that was added to Mississippi Code 27-31-1 during the 2022 Regular Legislative Session in Senate Bill 2769.

Currently, no committee action has been taken on Senate Bill 2017.

A potential unfunded mandate for Mississippi Counties (Senate Bill 2081) was brought to the Legislature.

On January 9 2023, Senate Bill 2081 (filed by Senator Brice Wiggins) was introduced and doubled referred to Judiciary A and Appropriations. This measure establishes the creation of a statewide county court system. Section 3 of this measure (lines 460 – 493) introduces an unfunded mandate to Mississippi counties by requiring counties to transfer funds out of the county general fund treasury to the Administrative Office of Courts to fund the compensation of the judges as determined by the State Auditor. Please contact your local legislative delegation to discuss how this measure could impact your county.

No action has been taken on Senate Bill 2081.

A measure to to fund rural fire truck was introduced (Senate Bill 2041), January 9th 2023.

Senate Bill 2041 (filed by Senator Angela Hill) was introduced and single referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee. This measure provides for an additional round of the Rural Fire Truck Fund, under the Acquisition Assistance Program.

The Mississippi House and Senate will reconvene on Monday, January 16 at 4 p.m.