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4.14.21 – Ridgeland MS – WJTV

 A pandemic is a risky time to open a business, but Mississippi has seen an exponential increase in business licenses applied for and approved in 2021.

One of those businesses is Dogmud Tavern in Ridgeland. It’s a gaming themed bar, born from the co-owners of Mad Genius ad agency.

Rick Moore handles the business side. He said applying for a license now was no harder than in the past.

“Opening businesses in Mississippi, quite frankly, it’s a very user friendly state,” Moore said. “This isn’t my first business to open, and it’s certainly as easy as it has been.”

Moore’s partner, Jesse Labbe, handles the creative side.

“I wanted that gaming atmosphere,” Labbe said. “There’s just something about gathering your friends up and saying, ‘Let’s go grab a drink,’ and it’s nice to get out in a tavern atmosphere.”

Labbe said you can dress to the nines or wear a t-shirt and shorts to Dogmud. They are striving for versatility.

Both owners said that even after just two weeks of being open, Mississippi’s easy to open atmosphere has allowed them to create a loyal following already.