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9.16.21 – WJTV —JACKSON, Miss.

The country is facing some big deficits in the job market, but the challenge is not finding a job, it is filling the hundreds already available.

It is not uncommon to drive down the street and see “now hiring” signs at restaurants, fast food joints, medical centers. Leaders at employment agencies said those looking to hire are offering special incentives to catch job seekers’ attention.

Daphne James, who’s with the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES), represents 27 counties. She said MDES is designed to match up applicants with the right employers and vice-versa. 

“When you look at it, some of the hot jobs right now are primarily or for the most part in food and beverage, whether it’s fast food, dine-in, carry out. Also you have health care advice manufacturing, transportation, energy, information technology and tourism jobs, hospitality jobs and certainly utilities,” James stated.

She said places like the Win Job Center in Jackson is a great resource for those looking for jobs to set them up for success.

Jonathan Barnett with Jobs for Jacksonians said job fair turnouts have picked up in recent months, knowing that unemployment benefits have run out and people need work.

“People that want to work and want to fill these positions that are available not only in Jackson but that Jackson metro area they’re coming out. They give us a call every week because they need workers and people qualified for these positions are coming out to our events so from a statewide level were seeing evidence that companies are hiring,” he said.

Currently, the latest unemployment numbers are from July. They show Mississippi sits at 6.1%. for unemployment.

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