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6.1.24 – MSN –Story by Bhavika Rathore

In an incident, a man who was appearing in court for his suspended driving license joined the courtroom through an online meeting while driving the car. Judge J. Cedric Simpson was left baffled when he saw Corey Harris, 44, driving while attending the meeting. The hearing took place in Michigan through a zoom meeting.

‘I’m pulling into my doctor’s office, actually’

As Harris joined the meeting Judge Simpson asked: “Are you driving?”

Harris replied, “Actually, “I’m pulling into my doctor’s office, actually.”

“Wait. What are we doing?” Simpson shot back.

The defendant requested for an adjournment of the case, which was denied by the court. Simpson has revoked Harris’ bond in the matter and ordered him to turn himself into the Washington County Jail.

A video of the incident shows Simpson saying, “ No I’m looking at his record, he doesn’t have a license. He’s suspended and he’s just driving “‘Did he drive himself to jail too?’

Harris’ actions have left netizens laughing out loud, with many of them coming up with hilarious reactions. “Did he drive himself to jail too? You can’t make this up,” commented an X user on Collin Rugg’s post. Another wrote, “Funniest court video of the year. Unbelievable. Will surely be on “World’s Dumbest Criminals”. “This is hilarious. He told the judge to hold on while he finished driving on a suspended license.” one user said, while another wrote, “you can’t fix stupid. That’s as bad as the lady that called the cops because the person she was selling drugs to ran off without paying her.”

One X user commented “The poor public defender lol” while another wrote: “It’s amazing how some people can navigate through life with this level of thinking .” Another user wrote “Is this the same guy who claims to be studying criminal justice at Central Michigan University? I guess he wanted to learn the justice system from the inside.” “Driving without a License and simultaneously an active participant in a Court hearing TEAMS meeting. Who says men can’t multi-task?” wrote another user.