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8.20.20 – Marijuana Business Daily

Maryland’s marijuana regulators are easing some costly and burdensome security requirements while also requiring medical cannabis businesses to keep video surveillance footage for a longer time.

The revised regulations, which take effect Sept. 1, will no longer require MMJ businesses to simultaneously record video surveillance at both its licensed facility and from an off-site premise, SecurityInfoWatch.com reported.

That previous rule, as interpreted by regulators, required businesses to spend an additional $20,000-$40,000 for dual computer servers, storage and other duplicate infrastructure, according to one cannabis security consultant.

The revised regulations also will require cannabis businesses to:

  • Archive 90 days of video surveillance instead of 30 days.
  • Make video recordings available within 48 hours upon request by state cannabis regulators or law enforcement.

Security is important in the cash-intensive marijuana industry, especially a fast-growing market such as Maryland.

The recent Marijuana Business Factbook projects sales in Maryland will roughly double this year, to $425 million-$525 million, and reach $825 million-$1 billion by 2024.