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4.19.24 – WTOP

Maryland ranks sixth on a list of states facing challenges filling job vacancies, according to a recent study by WalletHub. “Many businesses in Maryland are still experiencing labor shortages,” said Cassandra Happe, an analyst at WalletHub, in an interview with WTOP.

“They have this comparatively high job openings rate, both in the latest month and over the last 12 months.”

Happe highlighted several key factors contributing to Maryland’s hiring difficulties, including a notable rate of resignations and a significant increase in unemployment claims. 

Moreover, the study noted a growing preference among job seekers, particularly millennials and Gen Z, for remote and hybrid work arrangements. Happe advocated for the promotion of remote work policies to cater to the changing preferences of younger generations and enhance work-life balance.

Virginia landed at No. 12 on the list, indicating a similar challenge with filling openings, albeit to a lesser extent. By contrast, D.C. performed better in resolving job vacancies, landing at No. 48. 

In addressing Maryland’s hiring woes, Happe recommended a multifaceted approach encompassing workforce development initiatives, technological skill enhancement and flexible work arrangements. 

Happe offered suggestions for how Maryland’s business owners could address the challenge against a rapidly-changing labor landscape.

“It’s really important for the state of Maryland to look at workforce development programs, implementing or improving those to really help prospective job seekers meet those qualifications that the current employers are looking for, because things are changing,” she said.

One of the changes that has been a hot topic: the impact of AI. 

“Increasingly, organizations are incorporating technologies like AI into their operations,” Happe said. Underscoring the need for job seekers to acquire technical skills to remain competitive in the evolving job market, she stressed the importance of offering programs that facilitate skill development that is aligned with the evolving demands of employers.

By adapting to the evolving needs of both employers and job seekers, she said Maryland can navigate its current hiring difficulties and foster a more resilient and dynamic labor market.

Terik King

Terik King is an Associate Producer for WTOP. Before joining WTOP in 2022 he held roles producing podcasts, unscripted television and content for MTV, the NFL and independent documentary production companies.


Sandra Jones

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