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9.3.21 – WMAR – ANNAPOLIS, Md.

Maryland home and business owners impacted by storms from Hurricane Ida could be eligible to have their property assessments reduced.

Maryland residents can fill out this form and email it to their local assessment office, for their property damage to be assessed.

Several locations across the state including Annapolis, Edgewater, Frederick, and Rockville suffered power outages, flooding, severe property damage, fallen trees, and downed wires.

Assessors plan to begin surveying damage in the coming weeks.

If and when a decrease in value is confirmed by an assessor—either from an exterior inspection or from a resident submitting the attached application—an adjusted property assessment will be sent to the County Finance Office and a new tax bill may be issued.

In the case a property owner already paid their tax bill, a prorated rebate will be issued.

The state will send back any submitted forms where the damage is unclear so it can be correctly completed.

“SDAT is well-versed in natural disaster response, and we stand ready to assist Marylanders whose property has been damaged or destroyed in the path of Hurricane Ida,” said SDAT Director Michael Higgs.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot also on Friday announced statewide extensions for various upcoming tax due dates.

Tax TypeOriginal Due DateExtended Due Date
Sales & UseSeptember 20October 20
Admission & AmusementSeptember 10October 10
WithholdingSeptember 15October 15
AlcoholSeptember 10October 10
BeerSeptember 15October 15