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8.4.21 – WAFB -BATON ROUGE, La.

A mask mandate is back in effect in Louisiana, leaving some happy about face-coverings returning but others not so much.

In most cases, enforcing it comes down to you.

“I’m in the high-risk category; I’m 62-years-old, so I’m in the high-risk category,” said Kenneth Bolden.

He just got over COVID-19, so he said even if there was no mandate, he would wear a mask.ADVERTISEMENT

“I just want to get myself back healthy and not give it to anyone because I caught it from someone who has the vaccine shot,” added Bolden.

The state’s mask mandate is in place for the next few weeks amid a fourth surge in COVID infections.

“We’re not going to enforce our way through this,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards during a news conference on Monday, August 2. “Either people are going to do what’s required, what’s necessary to achieve the result that all of these health care professionals are asking for, or they’re not.”

Many businesses are leaving the enforcement to you. For example, in the Mall of Louisiana, no one asks customers to put a mask on when they walk through the main entrances. However, in front of the individual stores, customers were being asked to put one on.

At a Walmart in the Baton Rouge area, about a dozen people were seen not wearing masks. Some people said they are making the personal decision not to mask up, like Cherlson Paul, who said he’s fully vaccinated.

“Personally, I don’t feel the pandemic is affecting as many people as they say it is, so I don’t feel like I personally would get affected by COVID given my strong immune system,” explained Paul.

However, Kimberly Bibbins wants to protect her daughter, who isn’t old enough to get the vaccine yet.

“It makes me feel mad,” noted Bibbins. “Everyone should mask up. Everyone should go get the vaccine.”ADVERTISEMENT

The latest mask mandate lasts until at least September 1.