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by: Isabel Albritton Posted: Oct 19, 2020 / 08:09 AM CDT / Updated: Oct 19, 2020 / 08:09 AM CDT

HOMER, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– Louisiana lawmakers have been able to hammer out multiple bills concerning health care, education, and the safety of all Louisianans. Still, the biggest discussion is whether Governor John Bel Edwards should have emergency powers.

“As many of us contend, this is a very unique situation. A unique time,” State Representative for District 11, Patrick Jefferson, said .

Jefferson said he and many others believe Governor Edwards has followed Washington’s guidance in his response to recent disasters.

“He is relying on the experts and the scientists and as a result, Louisiana has begun to be in a positive sense as it relates to this particular environment than we were when it began,” Jefferson said.

A piece of legislation is currently making its way through by the president of the senate, Page Cortez.

“It’s simply a notice measure where the governor will retain his powers, per say, but he would have to give notice to the legislator to ensure that we are all on the same page,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson said although this is not the final decision, it seems to be the option most lawmakers agree on. He said republicans are contending that its all about opening up the economy and getting back to the way things were before the outbreak.

“And all of us want to do that in a safe way, and a healthy way, but we also want to be cautious, because they have told us that there is another wave coming as the fall season is here,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson said he’s hopeful both parties will be able to agree on most topics as the special session comes to an end. He said they will also be discussing new bills concerning virtual learning within the next few days.

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