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3.18.21 – KSLA

June 15 is the new due date for individual income tax returns and payments

Louisiana taxpayers now have until June 15 to file their state income taxes.

The extension announced Thursday comes on the heels of news from the IRS that it’s extending the federal income tax due date.

Louisiana is extending its deadline to help those impacted by last month’s back-to-back winter storms that led to power and water outages and limited travel, keeping some workers from reporting to their jobs and resulting in some businesses temporarily closing for days.

The Revenue Department’s extension is for all individual and business taxpayers and paid tax preparers in Louisiana and Texas and applies to income, excise, franchise, sales, severance and withholding taxes.

The June 15 deadline is for individual income, corporation income and franchise, fiduciary income, partnership and partnership composite tax returns and payments that originally were due on or after Feb. 11 and before June 14.

And March 31 is the new deadline for excise, sales, severance and withholding tax returns and payments due on or after Feb. 11 and on or before Feb. 28, the Revenue Department said.

Revenue Information Bulletin 21-007 provides further details: