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Expungement offers a second chance at life according to officials

TAKOMA PARK, Md. – A local expungement service is making an effort to help some clear their criminal records in the state of Maryland.

The Community Legal Services of Prince George’s County held a workshop for those who may have criminal records, from something as small as a traffic ticket all the way up to actual convictions. Officials say the past couple of years, the assembly has expanded expungements for a number of misdemeanors and a few non-violent, criminal felonies. Attorneys who work with the services say they want to get the word out to help those who may need a second chance to improve their lives.

“That has an extreme consequence, and the most important being [that] it has prevented many people from being able to get employment; and we all know that not having adequate employment can affect one’s life in every aspect,” said  Catrina Aquilino,a Community Legal Services Staff Attorney.

They will also host another expungement event at the Prince George’s County Sports and Learning Complex on November 3rd.